Universal Circle of Life Care

Healing Retreat In Bulgaria

All to often it's the carers who go without care, the ones who give but receive little, making them stressed and reaching burn out. If that is you, come join us on a journey of discovery, self love, team bonding and healing.A week long retreat where you feel nurtured in a small team of people who are probably at a similar place on their life's journey. Let's reach out and support each other, feel a safety within the group and let go some of the restrictions life has put on us. Open up to self-love and healing. When you are feeling un-cared for and burnt out it's very hard to care for others. Give yourself the support you need. Come join us in a beautiful part of the world where there is still a sense of simplicity of unhurried life. Where you can kick back and let yourself chill, relax and be nurtured.

Come kick back and relax and join in our small group therapy session. These include:

Healing Crystal Massage with special blends of handcrafted lotions


Grounding therapy to include a picnic in the mountains

Passing the stick in group sessions

Pet Therapy

Learning to create and use tinctures

Visits to hot mineral pool

It's time the carers had some relaxation and nurturing time, come join us. The retreat is open from June till Oct for weekly slots. Contact me below for more details

The retreat includes accommodation in dorm style room in a flat which also contains a kitchen and sitting room area as well as bathroom. Students will be accommodated in this top flat. Unfortunately we do not have special access for disabled people and the flat is up a flight of stairs.

Pick up and drop off from the airport is also included.

Breakfast is included as well as either a picnic or buffet style healthy lunch.

Dinner will be eaten out in one of the local restaurants

Drinks such as tea, coffee and water are included

Any other drinks or alcoholic drinks are not included.

For more details and prices please contact me.

Assistance can be given re advice on booking flights.