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Maternity Nurse

To all parents welcome to the new exciting and some times daunting world of babies.This is hopefully a website which will give you some useful information and connect you to help if you need it .

Let me start by telling you a bit about me I some 20+ years experience in this field.I am:

A Midwife

New Parent Educator/Maternity Nurse

Specialist Breast Feeding Adviser

Will provide one to one support or will discuss problems via Skype.Please contact me for details if not needing a Maternity Nurse.

I Arrange Ante-Natal Classes by Skype Appointment.

Again please contact me for details.Classes will be geared to individual needs and discussed with you at the time.I aim to prepare you for labour and for what to expect when your new baby arrives.

What is a New Parent Educator?

I take short contracts for people who want support and to learn how to look after their newborn. Anything from 1 week contracts available. If however I am in the area and you need support urgently please get in touch as I will even do 24 hour emergency help.I can't promise to help but if I can I will.

NEW Welcome Home Package

This consists of anything from 3 to 7 days to help a new mum learn the basics and get help as soon as they come home. Email for details

So what and who is a Maternity Nurse?

A Maternity Nurse is usually someone who has experience caring for new babies and helping new mum's and dad's integrate the baby into the family. Their experience can be very mixed so it is always worth asking what experience they do actually have and consider what actual help you might need.

Some are ex nannies some midwives or nurses,so experience can be varied.

What is their role?

In my opinion the role is to help new parents enjoy the first few weeks of their new baby's life.It is too often that we hear people say that the experience was stressful and tiring and far from enjoyable.

So I see my role to help and support the whole family make that transition.

I am also a breast feeding advisor and can help with breast feeding problems and issues re expressing breast milk.

The role of Maternity Nurse in my opinion is that of a teacher, helper and supporter.So in the role I would offer up to a maximum of five weeks care as it is a very full on and demanding role.The idea is to provide guidance and support so that at the end of the placement the new parents have confidence to carry on with the care of their new baby.After that time usually the parents are ready to go it alone or may need either part time help or that of a nanny.

Usually a Maternity Nurse will work 6 days a week and provide 24 hours a day on call help and assistance as they live in with the new family during that time.Due to the Maternity Nurse being awake a lot of the night she will need additional rest or time to rest when baby rests.This can be discussed and decided by both parties.Providing full time care for family and baby is very full on and Maternity Nurses are not housekeepers or personal assistants and should not be treated as this.There role is to attend to the needs of the new baby and should not be expected to attend to siblings.

Usually the Maternity Nurse sleeps in the same room as the baby and although this can be the nursery they also need a certain amount of privacy as they need to rest.

During the day the Maternity Nurse will attend to the baby, assist with feeds,take baby out on walks and will provide sensory stimulation for the new baby.

The laundry needs of the baby are usually also attended to by the Maternity Nurse as is the general tidying of the nursery area.

When to book a Maternity Nurse?

When booking a Maternity Nurse it should also be remembered that new babies very seldom arrive on time and you can expect to pay to book a maternity nurse for exact dates if you expect her to keep this time free.So if your baby has not arrived by the booked date you can expect to start paying the Maternity Nurse.Maybe not her full rate but this can be discussed and decided.It is a good idea to book up a Maternity Nurse as soon as you can as most are booked well in advance.

If you have any questions please feel free to

Contact Me by email here


Or phone me on  +44(0)7837755256. However please note that I switch my phone to silent while working with new mums and babies. I will get back to you as soon as I can if you include your phone number with your message.

Many thanks